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Scene-Setting Ideas and Design Inspirations for Your Outdoor Spa

Thinking about installing an outdoor spa in your backyard space? 

In this blog, you’ll find fresh scene-setting ideas and design inspirations on how to blend your new spa into your outdoor space. 

More than just a place for fun, fitness, and relaxation, a swim spa can serve as a focal point for socialization, family entertainment, and an additional “wow” factor to your backyard.

Check out below some of the best spa settings ideas and design inspirations on how to install your spa outdoors. Read on!

Install Your Spa in a Small, Shaded Space

Swim spas come in different sizes, making it possible to create a pool type environment even in small or tight backyard spaces. By using glass for fencing instead of traditional materials like timber, you can make the area around the spa more spacious and usable.

With careful planning and preparation, you can transform your small outdoor space into a peaceful haven for relaxation and unwinding. 

Merge Your Spa with the Pool

Merging your spa with the pool will surely make it stand out. You can also add some greenery and natural materials to set a relaxing scene, in addition to the sound of running water that will soothe your tired muscles and nerves. 

Slip Your Spa into your Deck

Another scene-setting idea that you can do with your spa is to slip it into a timber deck with a pergola to provide partial shade and an elegant look. Add some beautiful deck chairs for a comfortable hangout spot anytime. You may add some plants to serve as barriers and create a relaxing atmosphere.

You can build an inbuilt or inground spa for a fantastic look and ease of access without blocking the view. Just make sure that access to the pumps and filters is easy so that you don’t have to destroy the timber later on. 

If you are thinking of setting up an outdoor lounge and spa for day and night enjoyment, you can add some lighting, a beautiful gazebo, and hanging plants. 

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Sink Your Spa into the Ground

If you prefer your spa at an eye level with your garden, you can opt for a sunken spa. Your guests will surely enjoy having a soak surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. The more beautiful and well-kept your garden, the more sublime your spa experience will be. 

Install it in an Outdoor Setting or Under Trees

If you want an ambiance or a feeling of a mini-retreat, installing a spa in an outdoor setting or under a tree is the best idea.

But make sure to have a cover that is easy to remove and keeps the dry leaves away. It also insulates the spa to keep the running costs low. And when closed, you can do other activities on the top of the cover, such as yoga and meditation. 

Need Help Planning Your Outdoor Spa Installation?

We hope this article gives you scene-setting ideas and design inspiration on how to blend and install your swim spa in your outdoor space. 

Whether your home is modern or traditional, and no matter the size of your backyard space, you can always create a spa design setting that is perfect for your taste.

If you need help deciding on the right spa to suit you or want to get some ideas around, there’s no better way to do that than to visit your nearest showroom and see a wide range of designs to choose from.