Where Are You Legally Allowed to Drive Your Mobility Scooter?

The majority of authorized dealers of mobility scooters are unanimous in saying that if there is one hounding question that customers ask of them all the time, it always has something to do with where they can drive their disability equipment. 

Let us try to set the record straight here and straighten things up by addressing these issues about this type of scooter. 

mobility scooter

Can you use your scooter for mobility on pavements? 

Yes, absolutely! You can use it on pavements. The government authorities classified this type of scooter into two groups. Class 2 of scooters for mobility are supposed to be pavements scooters. One cardinal rule that users should bear in mind when using them is they should not exceed more than 4mph. Apart from that, they have all the liberty to use pavements like any other pedestrians.  

Can you use your scooter for mobility on the road? 

Some scooters are okay for use on the road, classified as class 3

legal road scooters. They are allowed to go on an 8mph at top speeds. Any scooter speeding beyond that limit is in active violation of this law. 

Road scooters are also required to have reflectors, lights, indicators, hazard warning lights, a rearview mirror, and a horn. They must see to it also that their braking systems are efficient or in line with the set standard.

If you lack any of those safety accessories, a police officer is authorized to stop you. 

Scooter owners are not at all required to have a driving license, but they need to register their unit and insure them. A manifold of road safety courses is available across the country. The majority of them, though, is being manned by insurance firms and independent groups. 

There are also a handful of police centers that offer training sessions in gratis. The minimum age requirement to ride a scooter on the road is 14 years old.  

Can we use scooters in shops? 

 Yes again. The law itself mandates that public buildings are supposed to have disabled access. And access for mobility scooters is included here also. 

But if you happen to have an all-terrain vehicle that is extra-large, the odds are high that you will have difficulty navigating in and around shops. It is because access there are usually designed for smaller types of scooters. 

Needless to say, when you enter a shop, you will need to maintain your scooter at pedestrian speed, which is no more than 4mph. If you need to shop using a scooter, we recommend considering using a smaller folding type of scooter instead.

Alternatively, you can also look for a compact pavement scooter. They are far easier to ride when you are inside a shopping center. 

Can you ride your scooter on Bus or Cycle Lanes? 

No, you are not allowed to drive a scooter along bus or cycle lanes. You are only permitted to use them on the pavement or the major part of the road.  

Can you ride your scooter on Dual Carriageways?

You can. Both car owners and scooter users are surprised about this. If you have a class 3 type of mobility scooter, you are free to ride and drive it on a dual carriageway.

However, you are required to install an actively flashing amber light. Take caution that you may not go beyond 50 mph when driving a scooter on a dual carriageway.