Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting the Right Modern Shower Stool

modern shower stool

A modern shower stool is a significant item for people with reduced mobility that allows them to wash and bath with confidence, comfort, and dignity.

This mobility aid is designed for bathroom use and provides support and safety in wet conditions, particularly for disabled people who can’t stand up for a long time in the bathroom.

If you want to know what a shower stool is and what it does? Have a read!

What is a Modern Shower Stool?

Shower stools are water-resistant stools designed to be placed inside a bathroom to help people with limited mobility by providing maximum safety, comfort, and privacy.

This mobility equipment provides a safe and comfortable place to rest for disabled people while showering so that they will not easily get tired and avoid the risks of falling.

Who Can Benefit from this Mobility Aid?

Shower stools are beneficial for people with mobility impairment and need support while bathing or taking a shower.

The added stability that this healthcare equipment provides might be necessary for you if you have:

• Issues or Problems with Balancing
• High Risk of Slipping or Falling
• Difficulty Mustering Strength and Tire Easily
• Weakness in Legs

Features to Consider Before Purchasing

Once you have determined the best type of stool suitable for the specific need of the user, there are several factors and features that you must consider.

Overall Size or Dimension

First, it is vital to consider the overall size of the stool to ensure that it will fit in your tub or bathroom. To make sure that you get the right dimension, measure the width and depth of your tub floor or bathroom floor.

Size of the Seat

Make sure to pay attention to the seat size of the stool so that the user will be comfortable sitting in it. Measure the backside’s width of the user when sitting on a flat surface. The seat of the stool should be a bit wider than the measurement so that the user can sit securely on it without the risk of sliding or falling off.

Weight Capacity

The stool that you pick should be able to accommodate and support the weight of the occupant. If the user is quite heavy, a bariatric chair might be the right choice. Before purchasing, always make sure to check the weight capacity of the equipment to ensure the safety of the occupant.

Height Adjustable

Although most shower stools feature height-adjustable legs, make sure to confirm this before purchasing.

Height-adjustable legs allow the user to adjust the seat’s height to a most comfortable position. This way, the user can sit with ease without straining their joints.

Arms VS. No Arms

Always assess the needs and condition of the user if they need a stool with or without armrests. A stool with arms can help users lower themselves and stand up from the seat with comfort and security.


The durability of the material used in every component of the stool is vital, since it will be exposed to wet conditions inside the shower or bathtub. The seat should be made from materials that can withstand regular exposure to water.

The best and most sturdy option for this type of healthcare equipment is a combination of a plastic seat and aluminum or steel legs.


Mobility aids like shower stools have a great impact on the safety, recovery, and quality of life of people with mobility issues. That is why it is necessary to choose suitable mobility equipment that will address their specific needs.

If you are still unsure with your decision, contact your trusted healthcare equipment provider to get the right equipment and honest advice to ensure your loved ones will get the most out of it.